All registered guests may track one bill free of charge to see how My Capitol Watchdog works.  Then, select the level that best meets your needs.

  • Citizen: Track any 5 bills for $19.99
  • Professional: Unlimited bill tracking plus channel sharing with other Professional Watchdog subscribers for $199.00
  • Executive: Unlimited bill tracking, plus Tick Sheet, Scorecard and Channel Sharing services for $499.00
  • Network: Executive level subscription, plus 4 Professional subscriptions and the ability to publish your tracking lists on the site for maximum exposure, $1,499. 

In addition, any Citizen, Professional or Organizational subscription can add the following services a la carte:

  • Shared, online Tick Sheets ($199.00)
  • Custom scorecards ($99.00)
  • Channel Sharing ($199.00): Allow others to get email updates and use the electronic calendar for a channel you manage. This service does not require the other user be a Professional Watchdog subscriber. Users cannot see your channel unless specifically invited to do so.
  • Channel Publishing ($199.00): Publish your channel in the Public tab of our channel page. Anyone will be able to view your agenda and your positions, allowing you to effectively communicate your goals.