About My Capitol Watchdog

My Capitol Watchdog was created by Marie Centanni, founder of Centanni Communications. As a former political reporter for WAFB TV in Baton Rouge, she tracked bills daily to keep the public informed about issues that affected them. And that’s how most people become aware of legislation – through the media’s limited ability to share the information, or through a professional or civic organization that is limited to specific interests. But what if there’s a bill that escapes those channels? What if there’s one issue important to you that eludes the mainstream media?

With the Louisiana Legislature’s complicated website, following bills requires you to perform a task every time you seek information. This is a chore most people don't have time for, or don't know how to do, and as a result, many people are unaware that legislation impacting their lives is being debated at the State Capitol. This problem came to light recently when a friend of hers, Harold - a professional active in a number of civic organizations and quite familiar with the legislative process - missed a critical hearing on a bill important to him because he was unable to get the information he needed about committee schedules.

Marie designed My Capitol Watchdog, an automated personal bill tracker designed for the average citizen who may not know the ins and outs of the Capitol. Unlike similar tracking programs designed for lobbyists and other professionals, My Capitol Watchdog is citizen-centered, easy to use, but can perform complex and multi-layered searches if needed. And, in honor of the friend who inspired the service, Marie named the watchdog Harold.